Monday, April 7, 2014

Maisons room and the girls bath

If you look over at the photos from yesterdays post here you can see some before photos of Maisons room (all tan, looks like beige just threw up in there) and the bath with the tiled mirror.

Her room is no where near completion and neither is the bathroom.  I still am waiting on a mirror (going on 3 weeks mirror company!!) and the lights.

Here are some before and afters of the two rooms:

Bath before:  We ripped out everything in this room.  The shower sliding door unit, both medicine cabinets, all the tile off the floor and the wall.  I wanted to re-use the sink cabinet because it was pretty nice and just get a nice new sink top to fit it.  But, when we went to rip it out to remove tiles, it crumbled and fell apart.  So trip number 457 (at this point) to Home Depot I went.

We chose to do the white hexagon tiles (from Lowes) with black grout.  The walls are just the white subway tiles.  I wanted a clean look to this room and the skylight thats in here makes it so bright.
I was going to chose a grey off white color to paint this room but since much of the house is white I decided to go with a green tone.  We picked Farrow and Balls Teresa's Green.  I had it color matched at Home Depot for me since we have no one near us that is a Farrow and Ball dealer.

I will have some more afters of this room when I get the mirror and lights up tomorrow!  
Also, Brian is building a cased in medicine cabinet to replace the one that we ripped out and the huge hole that is there now.  

Also, tomorrow Maisons room!  

Sunday, April 6, 2014

its been awhile....House update. Loooong post with photos!

When we bought our new house in November I thought that it would be an easy "fixer-upper" type thing.  A DIY that could be done in weeks.  With high hopes of "Oh, we'll be in by Christmas and I can have an 9ft Christmas tree over there where the lovely light through our new window is shining through and I can have this and that and that..." and the list goes on of all my high hopes and rainbow fairy tails.

Truth is, when you buy a house that has been lived in and thats old, you're going to have issues.
We had them.  We had them good.

We started ripping out the ugly carpet in the living room-bleck:

I was sitting there with hammer and crowbar in hand ripping baseboard out and I went near the window to pry the last bit of base out and my hammer went through the wall.  Like I was elbow deep in the living room wall-went through the wall.
So I thought this is was weird (I wasn't applying that much pressure to the wall). To my surprise when I pulled the baseboard off I seen lots of dirt on it.  Dirt that was caked and packed on.  Like it had been mixed with glue and smeared on the back of the baseboard.

So I yelled for Brian and he came in there and we just knew what it was.  Termites.

We started to take little pieces of the drywall off with a utility knife and noticed that the damaged studs were hanging by a thread.  I mean that literally.  We now were officially lived in the little pigs house that was made of freaking straw because if a big bad gust of wind came through here that was semi tornadic, this whole side of the house would have been creamed.

I cried, calling my dad (because what 31 yo doesn't do that) and Brian said he needed a drink and it needed to be strong.
So there we sat wondering if we should just burn the place down (kidding..but not not really) or just start working on this.

How did we not notice this?  How could 3 DAMN INSPECTORS not notice this?!
I called the termite inspector, I called the mortgage company, bank etc.  they all left me feeling like we just purchased the biggest POS south of the Mississippi.
Apparently, the termite inspector said that their job is to basically do a "walk through" and make sure there were no visible signs of LIVE termites.
Luckily, after having him back out and looking at this disaster, he said this was very old damage and there is no signs of live termites in the house.

We made sure that we ripped a baseboard size width off every single piece of drywall in the house.  We also checked the around the windows too.  We were lucky that this was the only side of the house that they'd migrated and lived.

This is the wall after we ripped off all the drywall.  They had even eaten through the insulation!

The house is termite free (live and previous damage) and we have had the termite guys out here every step of the way, spraying and preventing this from happening again.

So, it's been 4 1/2 months since we bought the house and we finally moved in.  We tore down walls, we tore down studs, tile, carpet, linoleum, wood, more tile, baseboards, drywall, tubs, toilets...basically everything in this house.  
We figured, "hey why not rip everything out why the house house looks like crap anyway?!"

So here are some photos of our long process.  The one that has kept me out of my shop working and here trying to have a home that wasn't going to fall down.

Below are the before photos of the house.  If you follow me on instagram, you can see a lot of the reno too!  #lelievrerenovation

Girls bath:  digging the mirror. not.

Maisons room:
Dingy, tan, everything is tan, gross.
Kams room:
green, foam board "cork" board boarder and ugly tile.

Very early 90's, blue counters...need I say more?

Living room with cedar tongue and groove panel wall that the previous owner installed.  (No, I did not keep it).

Dining room: again, with the carpet.

The bonus room (now my office)

Entry way

Master bedroom.
Pink. hunter green. I can't even.

Here are some more progress shots.  I'm still unpacking boxes and trying to run the business while doing this is very trying.  But, I can do this!

Tomorrow I will have an update with a before and after of the girls rooms and their bath!

Master bath.

They turned the garage into a movie room.  We were on the fence on what we wanted to do with this room.  Turn it back to a garage or leave it as a is and make it our living room.  We decided to keep it and make it our living room.  The living area (AKA termites previous living quarters) is just a nice sitting/reading/talking area with the fireplace and NO t.v.  I wanted it to be t.v free so that we could talk or read with no interruptions.  Also, the kitchen is a huge open kitchen that is connected to the little living room so I thought it would be nice when we have people over and they could hang and watch me cook.  

Kamryns room after rooming the cork board trim.

This below is something that I wanted.  I thought that since we have such gorge high ceilings in the kitchen and a sky light, that these should be seen when you walk through the front.  So I had Brian and my father-in-law mark this out and cut it higher so that the entry way to the kitchen was more ascetically pleasing. 
More on the after and the awesome trim casing that my dad did.


We removed all the kitchen cabinets.  I wanted to re do them and give them a paint job but that didn't happen.   I guess when you never clean or wipe your counters since 1991, they tend to get durdy.

and my chicks.  They have heard me scream about this house for months and they helped out like champs.

Maison helping Pop out with plastering the new drywall in the termite room.

Okay, enough photos?!  I promise, I will have more for tomorrow!  

Happy Sunday folks-


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The New House

We've been super busy lately. Whenever I say that it makes me think of this:

But seriously, I feel like I'm losing my mind.  In the past month, we've bought a new house (yay), brought all our handmade goods to a huge show in Mt. Dora to sell, and we have to demo our new house….all in time for Christmas.  
So in the next week I will be posting before/after pics of the house and show you how the lovely owners before us loved to mis-match tile, paint rooms pink and accent it with hunter green carpet (which reminds me, what up with the hunter green carpet in old homes?!), FOE/SPONGE-PAINT every single closet on the inside like it was their main mission in life to see how well a sponge could get paint on a wall.  So…stay tuned.
Oh and I hate popcorn ceilings.  So obvs those had to go.  Brian thinks I'm a gem for having him scrape all that off.  He's a lucky man to have such an awesome wife!

Sneek Peeky ::::

Jack hammering tile and my dining room color choices in the back ground:

 Taking that ledge off!!  Opens it up so much!  And you can see inside that closet..sponge paint all the way!

Till later…..

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